charlevoix postcard.png

Well I made it to Baie-St-Paul thanks to the generosity of several patrons. On the third day of struggling with palette knife painting, I decided to record some of the process. We trekked about a half hour from our studio and set up camp on shores of the St. Lawrence river. This is the mornings work compressed into 1 minute. Unfortunately my phone battery could not last the entire painting. I really love the movement of the clouds through the video. The tide rushed in about noon and changed the entire scene, although I don’t think that is evident in the video.

Heading Out...

Anxiously awaiting Friday mornings departure to Montreal

I'm at home packing and organizing art supplies for a painting workshop near Quebec, Canada. I was made aware of an unparalleled opportunity to attend  “Images to Make You Dream”- an intensive painting workshop in Charlevoix, Canada with Master Painter, Denise Pelletier about two years ago. This immersive week-long, on-location workshop, comes highly recommended from an already accomplished artist and workshop leader.  The advances in her work have been stunning. She deemed the value of the “Image to Make you Dream” workshop worthy enough to attend repeatedly. Now I get to go and build my skills thanks to the assistance of several important patrons and supporters. Along with concentrated on-location painting time, I will have access to an improvised studio space and camaraderie  of like minded creatives.  I anticipate this will be a transformative experience in my art making.  I have always had to tuck my art making in between the other elements of my schedule. This next ten days will be focused on art making and art reflection time. A 1,000,000 thanks goes out to all the folks supporting me on this journey! I am super excited to send their dividends and some surprises in a few weeks!